The Game Company is an innovative start-up company which produces interactive advergames, a creative, powerful, and unconventional form of communication.

Our original online games allow our clients to involve their audiences in surprising new ways, both in marketing campaigns and in other social-edutainment contexts.

Companies and consumers can now dialogue through informal, entertaining and exciting new channels.

TGC will be at Expo 2015 in Milan to present its "social game" project called "Food4All", winner of the 2014 Start-up Marathon.Expo2015 Start-up Marathon 2014

We have launched "Play & Travel", a new, completely free, online game, which allows players to win flights and hotels.

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Play & Travel the first online free advergame for those who love to travel. An amazing new concept of game show with a powerful commercial appeal.

Social game

"The Canvas Game" is an edugame dedicated to start-ups, companies, incubators and facilitators, investors and university management courses.

Educational game

"The Canvas Game" is a edugame dedicated to start-ups, companies, incubators and facilitators, to universities and Master management, investors.

ADVERGAMES: advertising+game

Online interactive games have become TGS’s core area of activity.

Advergames communicate marketing messages and permit socializing, sharing and developing brand awareness among its users.

TGC’s advergames distinguish themselves from the rest in a fundamental way. They interact with players in real time, recognizing and identifying their likes and interests.

This is achieved through a new software platform at the heart of our project called the Play Life Platform which: contains highly advanced profiling and data mining algorithms, developed in collaboration with “La Sapienza” University of Rome; supports and integrates all our advergames, including multimedia apps; operates on all devices: PCs, smartphones, tablets, game consoles.

Its highly developed intelligence permits the platform to dialogue with players, stimulating responses and involvement, revealing a player’s likes and interests.

Our designs are adapted to the various needs of gamification with unique and highly customized results.


Companies can innovate and use new relational models based on "one-to-one" multimedia advertainment. They can test, advertise and promote and their products. Companies will be able to profile their target audience with incredible precision and measurable results never seen before.

All this is done while creating long term consumer loyalty - through social processes, and especially thanks to the possibility of winning real prizes.

Based on the agreements, all authorized leads may be used by our clients, according to their specific marketing needs.



TGC is associated with BIC Lazio, a partner of Enterprise Europe Network, an integrated network which facilitates and supports the creation and expansion of new and existing businesses.


TGC uses the results of scientific research in the field of profiling and big data provided by the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti at Sapienza University of Rome.


TGC is part of the "IBM Global Entrepreneur Program", dedicated to the best innovative start-ups, with real opportunities for success.


TGC has an exclusive commercial partnership with Games for Biz Ltd. based in London.


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